Friday, November 22, 2013

Know Limits - Chris Forde

Rating ***

This article is a memorial to Don Starkell. An amazing man who loved kayaking and has kayaked the equivalent of 7 times around the world. Don was an amazing kayaker and would never give up doing what he loved; even after losing his fingers and toes in a Arctic kayak accident. Don and his son Dana shared this passion for kayaking and they had paddled the Amazon river and many other places together. What Don did in his life was nothing short of remarkable and at age 79, Don passed away due to cancer.

This article shared many of their journeys and I find this very inspirational. I recommend reading this article if you are in need of some inspiration to do great things.

Forde, Chris. 'Know Limits'. Adventure Kayak. Spring 2012. Print.

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  1. Great article and review. No further feedback required.