Sunday, December 1, 2013

Make simple repairs to wooden paddles- Allen Macartney


Broken paddles? Not to fear Allen Macartney tells us all the easy fix's to a broken paddle. Fall is a time where most people dock their canoes and kayaks for the last time and forget about their paddles until the next spring. Well this is also when you should be checking your paddles for any damages that you could fix over the break season. In this article we can find an easy fix for, water stains, damaged blade tips, cracked shafts, general sanding's and chipped blades. After using all this quick and easy tips you will be ready as ever for the next season of paddling.
I really enjoyed this article because I like to canoe and kayak so it is very useful to find all these easy ways to fix up my paddles. The information I got from this article is something I will take with me and use down the line. I thoroughly enjoyed this article.
Source: Macartney, Allen. Ottawa, Fall 2013. Outdoor& travel magazine

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