Sunday, December 1, 2013

Adopt a snake- Sheila Ascroft


Who wants to wake up beside a slithering buddy? Although snakes sure aren't the cutest animals out there help save the grey rat snake today. Note; in this case adopting a snake will not including living with a slithery reptile.
In this article Shelia Ascroft tell us about the adopt a snake program to support the Murphys Point provincial park's grey rat snake. The grey rat snake is almost extinct and needs our help to survive. That is where the adopt a snake program comes in. By donating 25$ to the program you are helping raise money to expand awareness about the grey rat snake. Your money will go towards monitoring the snakes (insert a tiny microchip under the snakes skin). Help save the grey rat snake today and adopt your own snake.
I found this article gave a lot of useful information about the grey rat snake and their extinction, but it was also a little boring to read. I am not a big fan of snakes but the information giving about the struggles the species is having may have convinced me to help the cause.
Source; Ascroft, Shelia "Adopt a snake" Ottawa fall 2013, Outdoor& travel magazine

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  1. Have you adopted a snake? Interesting article and good review.