Thursday, December 5, 2013

My close call the night of the wolves- Bruce Watts

Rating ***

 I chose this article about a man camping who had an encounter with wolves. I was curious about what happened to the man when he was faced with a wolf. Bruce Watts was a stressed man who needed a break from his life at home so he decided to go on a solo hiking trip. He drove in his car to Algonquin Park and started hiking. He said that this trip was helping him forget about all of his stresses at his home and that he was really relaxed. Once he set up his tent that night he started to hear dozens of wolves howling up at the moon. He said that the wolves sounded very close to him, closer than he has ever heard. After all of the howling he could hear a wolf splashing in the water a couple of meters away. Suddenly the wolf jumped out of the water and started running full speed towards his tent. The wolf tripped on the guy rope on his tent and crashed into it and ran off. Bruce was extremely scared after this and thought that more wolves would return now that they knew he was there. Thankfully they didn't and Bruce just continued to read. I thought this article was very interesting with some suspenseful moments and seemed like a scary experience for the hiker. This article made me think differently about wolves, they wont just try to attack you out of nowhere and they can get scared just as easily as you can. I also learned that the forest can be a relaxing place which can calm you down when you're stressed. After reading about Bruce's experience I think less people will be afraid of wolves when they are hiking and this shows people another way to relieve stress in their lives.

 Watts, Bruce. “My close call the night of the wolves.”Ottawa Outdoors fall. 2012: 18-19 Print.

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