Sunday, December 1, 2013

Skijoring at escapade eskimo- Bryen Dun

Attention to all outdoor Winter enthusiasts, if you are looking for a great time doing what you love, escapade eskimo is the place for you. Bryen Dun tells us about new winter activity center, escapade eskimo. Located an hour out of Ottawa escapade eskimo is 200 acres of fun for experienced and physically fit skiers or dog sledders. This escapade is made popular because unlike other places it requires minimal equipment. Skier will be belted and attached to dog via tug line. A trip to escapade eskimo will include a full package with, lessons, snacks, kennel visit and one hour trails. (10-15km). Or if you have more then one day to spare you can go for the 24 hour ski package including a bed and breakfast or a 4 day dog sledding adventure.
In the future I could see myself wanting to try something like dog sledding or skijoring so this article was useful, and I enjoyed learning about the resort and the benefits it would provide. Although the article could have been improved by adding more detail about the actual sport.

Source; Dun, Bryen "Skijoring at escapde eskimo" Vol. 5 Nov 4 Winter 2013 

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