Sunday, January 19, 2014

Philosophy of Sport

9 Life Lessons from Rock Climbing - Matthew Childs

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As we all know, rock climbing is a really tough sport that requires a lot of strenght. What not everybody knows is the the role that psychology and intelligence play in this activity.

In this TED Talk, Matthew Childs speaks about nine rock climbing/life rules that he has discovered after 35 years doing this sport. None of the rules are about technical tips. In fact, all of them are about planning ahead, thinking through, proper mentality and attitude, focusing on what you’re doing, etc.

This TED Talk has made me think about the close relationship between sports and philosophy. If we used the principles that we are supposed to use in sports in our daily lives, we would be more successful and better people. After listening to it, I reflected about how I was trying to get to the top of a wall when we went to the Coyote Rock Gym. I found out that I was not really planning ahead my moves and that sometimes, that made me fail. It has inspired me to never hesitate, plan ahead and keep going to reach the top of “my mountain”.

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