Friday, January 17, 2014


Rating: *** This article is about what to bring to a day long hiking trip. The author talks about what he thinks are the main essentials for hiking trips and how he has experienced being with others who were not prepared for their trips. The first thing he recommends is half a liter of water for every hour spent hiking. He also recommends bringing water purification droplets if you will need to refill your water. The second main essential thing for a day long hiking trip he says is layering clothing. A waterproof and wind proof outer shell with fleece on the inner layer and normal clothes under that. The author recommends several other things that can make your trip much more enjoyable such as: a camera, good footwear, a map or GPS, a first aid kit and a cell phone for emergencies. This article reminded me of our hiking trip that we experienced and I feel like if I had read it before the trip I would have been better prepared. I would recommend it to anyone who is inexperienced in hiking and who plans on hiking anytime in the future. If I myself were to go on another hiking trip with or without our outdoor Ed class I think it would be wise to read over this article again before packing any items I plan on bringing. WORKS CITED N/A. "Day Hiking Essentials." Outdoor adventure Canada. outdoor adventure press. 2013.

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