Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Contoured Canoe Yoke can be Portage Bliss

A Contoured Canoe Yoke can be Portage Bliss

Article by: Allen Macartney


In this article is a very different and interesting look on portaging (Different being it is a positive look). It tackles every paddlers struggle of choosing a route with the least portaging and having a sore back by the end of it all. Allen introduces the simple idea of replacing your yoke. With a few easy steps a new yoke could be in any canoe.

This has affected my perception on dreading portaging after a nice paddle. From now on in my ownership of any canoe, I can know that I can change the back breaking metal bar that is considered to help a canoer into a nice formed light weight ash yoke. This has also taught me that canoes are modifiable.

Macartney, Allen. "A Contoured Canoe Yoke can be Portage Bliss". Ottawa Outdoors Summer 2013: page 25. Print.

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