Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Night Hiking to Watch Kilauea's Lava Meet the Sea

Night Hiking to Watch Kilauea’s Lava Meet the Sea By Eric Leifer Rating: **** The Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii is one of the world’s most beautiful sights. Every time the volcano erupts, the lava from deep within the Earth’s core collides with the cold Pacific Ocean creating beautiful visuals. The phenomenon that happens every time the Kilauea volcano erupts has been continually going on for millennia. As the Lava cools it is turned into sand creating the very ground you stand on when you go to watch the Kilauea volcano erupt. Surrounding Hawaii is the famous ring of fire which is a ring of volcanoes near the Pacific Ocean. The ring of fire is home to nearly 70 active volcanoes and has 90% of the world’s active volcanoes in it. The journey to the volcano is a difficult one too make especially since one part of it is usually done in the dark because the volcano looks best at night. This article was very interesting to me because I never realized that volcanoes can be seen from closer and I have never heard about this volcano before. I hope that some day in my life I will be lucky enough to see this phenomenon and experience it for myself.

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