Saturday, January 11, 2014

Backpacking for Beginners

Backpacking for Beginners by T.D Wood
Rating: ***

“Backpacking for Beginners” is an article that basically covered all the parts of backpacking. It listed useful tips such as choosing your gear, how to carry it, what to wear and what to eat.

The article tells you the things you need and don’t really need when you’re going hiking. It tells you it’s easier to make a checklist of what you’re packing and to think light, because hiking can be difficult for some people, so it’ll be easier to have a lighter pack to carry. It mentions things that you should do before you go, such as leaving an itinerary to a family member or a friend so that if you don’t return by the appointed time, your friend can notify rangers that you may need help. The article is also very clear about how the back-country is wild and unpredictable, not a theme park, and that you should respect the land.

Something I really liked about the article is that it has a small paragraph about how hiking with kids will be different from hiking with adults. I would recommend this article to anyone who was thinking about going hiking for the first time. 

Wood, T.D. "Backpacking for Beginners." Published by 2013

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