Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bear Wise

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If ever you are in a situation where you are confronted by a black bear or may be near a mother and some cubs, there are some definite rules you want to follow to ensure your life is not at risk and the animals life is not at risk. It is important to be able to know your position and be able to deal with sudden changes in how you are dealing with it.

The first thing to know is what a black bear may do if it is aware that you are near.
-It may try to get a better look at you by standing on its hind legs.
-It may paw the ground like a bull to intimidate you.
-It may breathe loudly, grunt, groan, and make noises with its mouth.
-It may lower its head and raise its ears to hear you

Next you will have to be able to deal with an attack.
1. Stay calm and slowly and calmly talk to the bear (DO NOT SHOUT)
2. If available, ready your bear spray
3. Slowly attempt to back away while still talking and with your spray still ready (never turn your back on the bear)
4. If the bear leaves then so should you, in a slow and calm manor
5. If the bear approaches or shows signs of aggression you should cease being quiet and calm and instead wave your arms, throw rocks and sticks, and be loud to intimidate the bear and get it to leave
6. Don’t run or climb a tree, remain standing your ground until the bear either leaves or attacks
7. If the bear attacks use any means necessary to survive (claw its eyes, punch, kick, sticks and stones, even run if mandatory)

What you should know about attacks is that often they are just protecting either their territory, mate, cubs, or food. If you show no signs of aggression towards those four things then it is rare that you will be attacked.
This article is not very useful to me personally, but is still a great resource for knowledge on the matter of bear attacks. I would only recommend reading this if you plan on hiking in black bear territory.

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