Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top 5 Tips for Mountain Bike Training - Stephanie Watson

Top 5 Tips for Mountain Bike Training - Stephanie Watson

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Are you thinking about taking up Mountain Biking? If so, this article will be perfect as your new guide because it will tell you everything you could need to ride a bike and become a good rider. 

In this article we can find almost all the information a beginner needs to start riding a Mountain Bike. How to build your endurance and stay safe while Mountain Biking is only the beginning. In this complete article, you can also learn about how to pick the right bike, all the extra gear you will need (helmet, gloves, glasses), the basic rules of Mountain Biking, how to choose the right trail according to your level.

Thanks to this article, I learnt a little bit more about all the different kinds of bikes that are available in the market and their special features. While reading the article I really felt like biking again. I also though about how amazing it would be being able to do tricks with a bike so, I will probably take up this sport when the snow is gone. I also found curious the existence of the "International Mountain Biking Association".

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