Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ben Saunders: Why did I ski to the North Pole?

rating: ***** wow. A truly amazing story told by Ben Saunders's second attempt of being one of the four people in the world to travel across the north pole, individually. This wasn't the first time Ben did something like this. Him and a buddy already attempted to ski across the north pole, but having more obstacles than he thought, two days into his expedition, it was aborted and brought home by helicopters. He was bummed. And after a while of sitting around thinking about his failure, he decided to try again, but this time by himself. He trained for months and prepared himself for the big adventure. On this expedition, he skied countless kilometres, carrying 400 lbs. worth of supplies. Once he reached the dead center of the north pole, he was then picked up by a plane. He thought he'd be able to ski back, but after seeing how much the ice was breaking and melting, he realized it was impossible. This ted talk inspired to always push my limits. Ben never thought he'd ever do something like this, but he pushed his limits and tried his best. You may not always succeed the first time, but it's up to you to get up and try again, and that's exactly what he did. I would recommend this ted talk to anyone who is thinking of doing something they think they won't be able to achieve, and need some inspiration.

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