Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Outdoors Skills: Predict the Weather-David Webb

 Outdoors Skills: Predict the Weather-David Webb
Jessica Thomas

Being on the topic of weather in class made me interested to know how to predict camping weather on my own. David Webb lists the basics in a short article on how to predict the weather.

This article from Explore Magazine talks about how to predict the weather without whipping out your cellphone (that probably doesn't work anyways) in the middle of a camping trip to check the weather app before you go to bed and instead using simple techniques using what you've got: the outdoors. By looking at the sky and observing your campfire smoke, its easy to just tell whether or not the weather will be nice. 

On our very first hiking trip as a class, most of us relied on Mr. Brouwer to give us the weather update before heading off to our next campsite. I thought it would be a pretty easy learning experience to teach myself how to read clouds and smoke so I would be prepared for the weather coming in.

David Webb, "Outdoors Skills: Predict the Weather", Explore Magazine

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