Sunday, January 19, 2014

Brain Skerry: The ocean's glory-- and horror

     In this Ted Talk Brain Skerry, an ocean photographer for National Geographic, shares how he used his photographs to reveal the reality about what is happening to our beautiful oceans. Instead of using his photograph to show all the nice things about the ocean he is using them to demonstrate the environmental issues that are going on. His first article about the harp seals being hunted and dying because of global warming caught a lot of attention and opened the doors for more environmental articles to come.
       Brain Skerry went on to using his photographs to warn people about all the animals in the ocean being harmed by humans. Catching shrimp for us to eat is destroying the bottoms of our oceans and killing many other fish that aren't even used in commercial buying. People around the world are being selfish and doing thing like destroying baby lemon sharks habitat so that a new golf course can be built.
       When traveling to New Zealand Brian visited a reserve called Goat island. Goat island had been protected twenty years ago in order to restore the habitat. Soon after being protected fish started returning to the reserve, when they did they ate up all the weeds at the bottom. They cleaned up the mess and restored the beauty of the reserve. Brains message for this Ted Talk was to show that the ocean is resilient and tolerant to a certain extent, but we also have to be good custodians in order to maintain a healthy oceanic life.

The ocean's glory--and horror. TED: ideas worth spreading. April 2010. Web June 2010

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