Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ken Kamler: Medical mirical on Everest

      In this TED talk Ken Kamler tells the unbelievable story of the worst disaster in the history of Everest. During an expedition with National Geographic's a terrible and unexpected storm picked up while some climbers where at the summit of the mountain. Ken Kamler, the only doctor on the scene, was located the third camp sit about 2100 feet high.
      Ken ad the other members of his team that were still at campsit three used a radio system to call up to the climbers who were at the summit. They said it was a disaster at the summit Rob Haul  reported that a man named Beck Weathers had been found dead lying in the snow. Ken set up his two best climbers to go up and save all those stuck at the top who had enough strength to get down to camp sit three so Ken Kamler could treat them.
      All those who came down were badly frost bitten and or hypothermic. Ken hada very limited amount of medical supplies, but he checked out everyone who came. Those who were strong enough would continue on down the mountain, and those who were weaker would be injected with steroids. After one day one night and one more day Beck Weathers, who was supposed to be dead, wondered into the camp looking for help. He had extremely bad frost bit and was almost deathly hypothermic. Beck managed to explain to ken how he had survived; he had gotten lost and fallen in the snow. He had heard others walking by him saying he was dead, Beck was so paralyzed he couldn't even blink to show that he was alive. Luckily something came over back and he realized he couldn't die on that mountain and he somehow found the power with in himself to pick himself up off the mountain and find his way to safety. This TED talk is all about the amazing strength of the human mind and our will to survive.

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