Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Cross -country Skiing Primer"
 By Magi Scallion

    Because in class we had started skiing, and because i had joined the ski team. I was very interested in this article and looked forward  reading it, and get an idea of this hard sport. I wanted to now a little bit about the sport before i got outside with the skies on my legs, not knowing what to do.

     This article by Magi Scallion begins by talking about the two different styles of cross-country skiing and explains the difference between the two styles. She explains very well each style of cross-country skiing and gives very good and helpful tips on how to get started, and become good at the sport.
The article is also helpful on what skis to buy depending, if you want to skate ski or classic ski. The article finishes off by telling you witch are the right clothes to wear if you are planning to take the sport seriously, and compete in races.

     This article has made me think about the way i should start skiing and i will definitely think about the techniques and tips, when I'm skate skiing on the track. I was able to learn the difference between the two types of skies used for the two different styles of cross-country skiing, and the similarities that this two styles of skiing have with other sports.

     Overall this article was great for beginners who are just starting this sport, and gives very good tips on how to start. I would recommend this article to the people who have joined the ski club and are new to skate skiing like me.

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