Tuesday, January 14, 2014

9 rules of rock climbing- Matthew Childs (TED Talk)

Rating: ****

Listening to Matthew Childs present his nine lessons he's learned from rock climbing was very interesting, especially hearing his little anecdotes and looking at the pictures that went along with his presentation.

In this TED Talk, rock climber Matthew Childs presents nine lessons he's learned from his 35 years of rock climbing. He talks about his experiences, other people's experiences, and shows a picture for each lesson.

A few of the lessons, such as number 3: have a plan, number 6: fear sucks, and number 9: know how to let go, I found could really help you in life if you remember it. Having a plan is always important if you want to get anywhere in the future, and if you don't have one it could really affect you. Fear does suck, and it prevents you from putting all of your focus on the task at hand, like Childs said in his presentation. Knowing how to let go is always important, especially when you're a teenager. Life is changing, and if you try to hold on the things in the past you'll get left behind.

Childs, Matthew.

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