Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Extreme Wingsuit Flying

Extreme Wingsuit Flying

TED Talk by: Ueli Gegenschatz


This is a TED Talk about a man who pushes the limits of what is considered humanly possible by partaking in extreme air sports.

Ueli goes over his experience and how he was introduced to the world of freefalling and then into wingsuits. He then talks about his hopes for the future of wingsuit technology as well as the community and its expansion.

This has affected me by opening my eyes to the world of wingsuit sports and the stunts that can be achieved. This has made me think about how I want to try free falling with a wingsuit. This will change my behaviour because now I know that it is safe with proper training and is for thrill seekers only, not just any other person.

Gegenschatz, Ueli. "Extreme Wingsuit Flying" TED. April 2009. Video.

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