Thursday, January 23, 2014

Getting in Touch with the Wilderness

Rating: ****
I believe you know very well, this planet that will call home has something to show for itself. It's blue, beautiful, absolutely massive, and has hidden gifts of beauty that only a select few have witnessed.  But for some reason mankind have a tendency of exploiting it's resources and creating screens, and things just to make our lives ever so slightly easier. Some people like to think they're "outdoors-y" because they go out for jogs around the city and follow different twitter accounts labelled "earth porn". They have no idea what they're missing, if only they took a step outside, off their comfy chair and into the true mother nature.

As accusatory as that first paragraph was, the actual article doesn't have too much to do with that. The article is more of a guide for these people who have yet to really experience the wild, that they're simply looking through a looking glass. You might see these grand mountains and beasts but have yet to actually get anywhere near them. It gives you certain, constructive tips of instructions on how to pursue a more active and true "outdoors-y" lifestyle. Much like other articles I've read from this website, it takes a turn for the more deep, catching you off guard.

The article really is quite impressive. People often get so caught up in their own cities, in civilization, it makes you feel almost immortal. The hustling and bustling, the jobs, the relationships, TV, pop stars, people get so caught up in it. They don't realize that just outside that city is where we really are. The earth isn't something we created, it isn't something we own. It just happens to be a life-wealthy planet where humans are from. Although I don't agree with all the point the authors, Brett and Kate McKay, have to say, I can agree with one thing they do say in particular. Being outside puts you in direct contact with this beautiful planet of ours. When you are on top of a mountain with no one in sight, no animals really noticing or having a care of who or what you are, it is humbling. When an animal, who may have never seen a human before approaches you, not knowing that you are much more advanced than he, but that you are another animal. You lose the self worth and arrogance that you might get when you are in controlled environment of the city. This article really has something to say for itself, so does our earth, and all people should at some point realize that for themselves.

McKay, Brett and Kate. "Getting in Touch with the Wilderness." The Art of Manliness RSS. N.p., 9 Oct. 2009. Web. 23 Jan. 2014. .

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