Thursday, January 23, 2014

Climate change may reduce seafloor life

Once again another subject about the affects on the large bodies of water. Climate change is a big an a rising factor as of late and to my surprise the deepest creatures of the earth are getting affected by this. According to CG Compass Blog, that carbon levels are dropping at a rapid rate. A lot of organisms involve carbon. In the ocean sunlight generates carbon, but as the water temperature rises it has become harder for it to accumulate and produce. This is especially problematic for deep sea fish, as their source of carbon is from the waters above as it drifts down in different forms. It is said that in the next century we might have serious changes to the life in the darkness. Something else also noted is that this could open up paths to increase population in some areas. Potentially life will transform differently then first expected and then another potential chain reaction may come in and will change the surface dwellers as well, but that will take more time. Most of the time people would scream to stop this, but in fact I am interested to see if the species will evolve and what sort of results we will get from this. It could be a complete disaster or it could be a revolutionary moment that we can use to solve other problems, either case I think it is important to pursue and study this potential change.

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