Monday, January 20, 2014

Hiking Trip Reflection

                        I loved the Hiking Trip and I would do it a million times over, although I would do some things a little different. I will be more prepared for next year, you can only learn from your mistakes. I'll be a lot more knowledge full for next year, and hope to be a helpful hand with my new knowledge, advice and experience.

                        I was surprised how much I learned on the hiking trip. One thing I do remember learning was more isn't always better. You honestly will want to bring as little as possible. Considering everything you do bring will be on your back for hours. When you get back to your camp you don't have time to stretch out your back. You're going to want to start gathering fire wood, setting up your tents, starting dinner, getting everything done before the sun sets.

                        Although the worst part for me was the hiking, it was also my favorite part. I felt a relief and accomplishment to finally make it to our site but was extremely happy to sit down.

                        I feel like this trip also brought all of our class closer together we became a lot more comfortable with one another. Seeing someone in a different environment will do that to you.

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  1. Next time, provide more details and examples to explain the learning that happened.