Monday, January 20, 2014

Ben Saunders: Why did I ski to the North Pole

Rating:**** This ted talk is about Ben Saunders skiing to the North Pole. He is one of only four people, and also the youngest, to ever complete this task. The North Pole is in the middle of the water so he had to ski over a sheet of ice to reach his destination. He encountered some challenges the second day on his adventure: He was attacked by a polar bear and he got frostbite on his big toe. The only thing that kept him motivated through these confrontations were two visions: Getting to the North Pole, and also getting back to his hometown and having everyone surround him and ask for autographs. But the cold conditions and the aggressive polar bears were too much for Ben to bear, the Russian helicopters had ordered him to come back as it was getting to be melting season and it would not be safe. Saunders never made his dream of reaching the North Pole a reality. So he returned to his moms home in huge debt, (mostly from his expedition)and was mentally and physically burned out. Three years later, Ben got some confidence and started planning for another trip; he would start at the top of Russia, and go through the North Pole all the way to Canada. He would be the first human to ever complete this trip solo. He eventually got to the North Pole and continued on for a little bit but then he had to get an airplane to pick him up as again the climat was getting too mild. What's next for Ben Saunders? He plans to ski to the South Pole in a few years. Antarctica is the windiest, snowiest and driest area on Earth so this will be an extremely tough challenge and will require constant training and concentration from Ben.

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