Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How To Lash A Tripod

                                                                                How to Lash a Tripod

This article teaches you how to make a tripod.  Tripods can be used for hanging pots over a fire, smoking meat, a back rest, and shelters.   Anything you can think of!

                It says that the tree poles you pick should be close in diameter, but is not needed.  Also make sure to only use fallen dead wood so you leave as much of the forest intact as you can.  Rope is needed to tie the wood together, so make sure your rope is biodegradable like jute twine.  If you are using something that is not biodegradable make sure to bring it with you when you are done with your tripod.  The article then shows you how to start tying the wood together.  There is a video on the website for a clear explanation if you are having trouble following the pictures.  After you are finished tying it, all you have to do is turn the tree poles upright and spread them apart and your tripod is done!

                I would recommend this to anyone going camping if they want to set a trap, make a shelter, or hang a pot over a fire safely.

Scheiter, Paul “How to Lash a Tripod” URL: http://www.hedgehogleatherworks.com/How-to-Lash-a-Tripod-for-Wilderness-Survival-s/113.htm       



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