Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why did I ski to the North Pole? - Ben Saunders


Rating *****

The Ted talk presented by Ben Saunders, who is an Arctic explorer was incredibly inspirational as he had lots of perseverance and determination to accomplish a very difficult goal. In this presentation Saunders’s talks of his time and planning on his arctic expedition, walking from Russia to Canada, this is 69 marathons back to back.

Saunders’s first attempt on an Arctic exhibition he and his friend tried to do the fastest trek across the north pole but unfortunately were not able to succeed and ran out of time. Two years later he decided to go on both physically and psychologically challenge exhibition across from Russia to Canada. He flew to Moscow with a camera crew and loved ones. He pulled along two sledges which weighed 400 pounds and 95 days of food. On his journey he faced many challenges; his main problem was the lack of ice as it was melting as it was getting warmer. When there was four hundred miles left until he would get to Canada, Saunders arrived at the North Pole and took a picture of his GPS and he knew his chances were very slim of getting to Canada. He went on for another 100 miles until getting picked up.

I found this Ted talk very interesting as Ben Saunders’s presentation was presented in a humorous way as he spoke of his incredible exhibition. It portrays that proper planning and determination will help you greatly when it comes to the outdoors.

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