Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How to Make A Fire In Wet Conditions

                                                                How to Make A Fire In Wet Conditions
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                This article will teach you how to create a fire in wet conditions which can be a very useful skill to have when camping.  You can even use this skill during the winter time.

                It is important to make a tinder bundle.  It can be made of anything that catches fire easily like cedar shavings, or birch bark shavings.  You have to get some grass or twigs that are thick as pencil lead, and gather them in small bundles.  After that you need to find small branches.  It has to be wood that is not on the ground, and it must be exposed to sunlight.  You must keep your materials dry.  Find a tree with a space in between it to hold your materials so they won’t get wet.  To find a good location, find a small tree population in the area so it protects your fire from the wind.  It is also recommended that there is burnable wood in the area in case of an emergency.  If there is snow on the ground, wipe it off until there is raw dirt left.  After that build your fire, and that’s it.

                This is recommended to anyone going camping because of how useful this can be.

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