Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter Camping and Backpacking Tips

                                               Winter Camping and Backpacking Tips
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                This article tells you everything you need to bring when going winter camping.  It talks about clothing layers, winter accessories, and important items to bring.

                The article starts with some pre-trip planning.  It recommends to not go alone, study the maps, leaving a trip plan so others know where you will be and when you will come back, things like that.  The next section is about layered clothing.  It talks about the base layer, (wicking) the middle layer, (insulating layer) and the shell layer. (Outer layer)  Then it recommends that you get winter or mountaineering boots, but you can use normal hiking boots, but is not recommended.  The next section gives you a list of ten items that are very important to bring while camping.  You should bring a map and compass, extra clothing, a flash light, first aid supplies, fire starters, extra food, and water, and sun protection items like sunglasses.  The article recommends bringing a sleeping bag that is rated 10°F lower than the coldest temperature you expect to encounter.

                I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys camping during the winter, or is planning to camp in the near future.

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