Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to Make a Survival Water Filter
Douglas Cowan
This article is about making a water filter in the wild. The Water Filter will take most of the bacteria and chemicals out of the water and purifier it. They talk about filtering water with what you have on yourself. It said to gather various materials such as pebbles, sand, cloth and charcoal to make a water filter in the wild. First it says to take the cloth and put it over the container that holds the water and put pebbles on that then run the water through that. Continue these steps but instead of pebbles put sand and then the same for charcoal. And if you don’t have a container you can use bamboo or a hollow log.

This article is extremely important and I found it very helpful. By learning how to make a water filer by just finding a couple of items in the wild can and will be very helpful.  Learning these steps will help you survive in the wild.  I enjoyed this article a lot.         

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