Sunday, January 12, 2014

How to Start a Fire in the Rain (Mark) Article #4

Rating; ****
            In this article it tells you how to properly get dry wood when everything is wet, cut the wood and how to build and light the fire in the rain. I found it an interesting article and it taught me a lot about how to find dry wood and even how to cut wet wood to get the dry insides of it for your fire.

            But this article didn’t explain really in depth on how to start the fire witch would be the most important part I would think. They just showed you how to make one in the rain but what if your matches didn’t work? Other than that I thought that this article was very helpful and I would suggest it to anyone how likes camping.

Cliff Jacobson. “How to Start a Fire in the Rain.” Scouting Magazine N.p.,
           2012. Web. 21 Jun. 2014 <

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