Sunday, January 12, 2014

How to Start a Fire in the Rain

How to Start a Fire in the Rain – Cliff Jacobson

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            Have you ever been camping and its wet and you can’t get a fire started?  If so, you NEED to read this article.
            This article gave you an explanation on how to get a fire started in the rain, what wood too look for, and how to place the wood to start the fire and keep it going. What you want to do is find a tree that has fallen down and you should cut off a piece arm size width. You want to place the wood against your cheek and if the middle is dry the wood is good to use. Also if it smells damp or punky look for other wood. You need to cut the wood into small thin pieces so you only have the dry parts of the wood and not the wet bark that will only produce smoke if it even catches fire. You also need to have a candle and chemical fire starter, cotton balls dipped in Vaseline, a flattened wax milk carton, and cigar –sized newspaper logs. You then take the wood that you have gathered and place the two thick logs side by side like a train track and stack wafer thing shaving across the thick logs to create a support. You then place you kindling across the support sticks and use your fire starter kit to start the fire.
            Before reading this article I thought that it was going to be a helpful article to read. But after reading it, there are way too many steps to follow and you need to have a lot of random stuff on you. If you were not prepared for a rainy day on your trip I do not think that this article could help you start a fire. But I did learn that you could tell if a log was dry by feeling the middle of the log and smelling it. I don’t think that I will ever be using the tactics used in this article.
            I would not recommend anyone to read this article because it will not really help you unless you were planning to go out on a rainy day. You need to bring a lot of stuff that you would not normally have on you.

            Jacobson, Cliff. How to Start a Fire in the Rain. Scouting Magazine. Jan. 12, 14.

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