Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Trash Scavenger Hunt

The Trash Scavenger Hunt – Camping Ideas

Rating: ****

            If you enjoy playing games while helping out the environment then this is the article for you!
            This article was all about teaching kids how to help out the environment, but doing it in a way that they will enjoy. The whole point of the game is exactly like a regular scavenger hunt, but instead of finding the regular things such a birds and rocks, you send them out looking for trash. This gives you the opportunity to have fun while helping out the environment in a good way.
            I really enjoyed reading this article, it has really changed my mind on how I could help out the environment and do it in a way that I would enjoy. It has really made me think about what other ways are out there that I can also do to help out my community in cleaning up, but doing it in a fun way. I think by reading this article I may get a group of my friends together and do this, and maybe might even do it on my next family camping trip.

           I would recommend this article to any family or group of friends that are planing on going on a camping trip or just looking for something fun to do. 

Camping Ideas. The Trash Scavenger Hunt. Love The Outdoors. Jan. 12, 14.

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