Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Into the Unknown by David Roberts

Into the Unknown

Rating: ****

In this Article David Roberts talks about the 31 men that went to go explore the bottom of the earth in 1912.

It started on December 14, 1912  Douglas Mawson and his 2 crew members  Xavier Mertz and Belgrave Ninnis where down in Antarctica  exploring uncharted territory. It was then where Belgrave Ninns was found at the bottom of a crevasse dead. He had fallen down into it while they were crossing a glacier. Days passed as Mawson and Mertz traveled together. both of them starting to get weak. Their dogs started to not want to walk anymore so they had to kill them. They ate their dogs as a way to keep them alive. Killing another one once it couldn't go any farther. A couple days after christmas Mertz died in his sleep. So Mawson was all alone. He traveled and traveled. he never gave up. He found a bag on the way to his pick up spot. The bag had food and a note saying that he was only 28 miles from his destination. He did finally make it back. And when he returned home he became a professor at the University of Adelaide in Australia. And he lead the way for two more Antarctic expeditions. When Mawson died in 1958, all Australia mourned its greatest explorer.

I really enjoyed this article because it kept me wanting to read more. I recommend this article to anyone who enjoys articles like that and I compare this article to the movie "Into the Void" because it had a good ending of how all the work he did payed off.

Into the Unknown by David Roberts

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