Sunday, January 5, 2014

Into the Woods - Southern Trends ( Other Voices) Ally Baker

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       Outdoor Education is an important thing. Well that's what I would say if someone were to ask me. Although this is my opinion not everyone sees it the same way. Throughout this article we are exposed to the opinions that the community has towards the Outdoor Education Program in schools.

      "Children learn best by actually seeing and doing what they are being taught." This statement said by Steven Pieritz, principal at Indian Trail School who was one of the many people who decided to voice their opinion. We all know that the difference of opinions can be the destruction of many things. It is a sad thing that these differences exist towards the Outdoor Education Program. The quotations in this article are all giving valid explanations as to why the program is important and how it effects the children of the community in positive ways.  One may say that it is important for the community who is trying to terminate the Outdoor Education Program to read this article and educate themselves on the importance the program has.

      This article effected me in a positive way as I saw that the community was fighting for what they believe in. The article allowed me to reflect on the fact that the program is an incredible thing that effected my life personally in many ways. While reading this article I was inspired to also stick up for what I believe is right and if it were ever in my path of life I would fight to keep the Outdoor Education Program existent.

"Into The Woods" January 16, 1994.  < >

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