Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Happy Camper:One Last Paddle

The Happy Camper: One Last Paddle ****

 Climate change is occurring which means canoe season can last longer. Although, one may not realize how cold it can be, even if the water has not yet frozen over. "The Happy Camper: One Last Paddle" written by Kevin Callan is an article explaining his experiences of canoeing in the off-season without being prepared. He was foolishly paddling across dangerous rapids without proper clothing or safety equipment. It did not take him long to realize how easy it is to die from hypothermia after he had flipped over. His body went numb very fast, but luckily he had his fellow canoeist to help him out. Shortly after his lesson learned from that experience, he spotted an overturned canoe floating in the middle of a lake. Him and his wife quickly paddled over and rescued them. By the time they were out of the water, they were severally hypothermic. They had sleeping bags to warm them and had them take off all of their wet clothing. Luckily they were able to get an Ambulance to save them from that life threatening situation.

 I really enjoyed this article because it made me more aware of how dangerous weather can be if you are not prepared. It also made me think of how winter is not the only time when your body can become hypothermic. Although the temperature outside may not be very cold, if you are not dressed in the right clothing or have dry clothes on, you can be in a life threatening situation.

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