Wednesday, January 8, 2014



Article by: Karen Meades

Rate ***

This is a great biography like article which mainly covers Karen's time racing in the jungle but also her experience as becoming a runner.

In this article Karen writes about the Jungle Marathon which is a 220 Km foot race in the thick of the amazon jungle. She overcame ridiculous terrain ranging from steep hills to bogs and lakes and obstacles such as personal injury and the real chance of a jaguar attack. In this race Karen also made a friend, a scottish woman who she says is the reason she finished via her strength and will to finish.

This has affected me in the way that I know can associate racing with all types of terrain and conditions. This has made me think about how fun it could be to try a different type of race. This will change the fact that from now on I will know that a foot-race is not only in a city street.

Meades, Karen. "Jungle". Ottawa Outdoors: Spring 2013. Print.

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