Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Happy Camper: Menu Planning 101 by Kevin Callan

Rating:  ***

The Happy Camper was a very useful article in terms of what to bring on a trip to make a cheap yet healthy and filling meal.

This article was written by a person teaching outdoor ed to college students and how they needed to improve their menu planning skills. It talked about how the person, Kevin Callan, thought that he would need to focus mostly on the survival aspect of outdoor ed, but instead discovered that he would need to pay more attention to food and menu planning. The rest of the article was talking about good food to bring on trips, and how to prepare them to facilitate cooking.

I found that the article helped me to think of menu ideas for the next time I go on a hiking or camping trip. I could also think about using some of the ideas at home, to try and eat healthier. The main article didn't really tell the reader much about menu planning, but the rest of it did. The  main part was mostly talking about what the students knew and didn't know, which I could have guessed as much.

Callan, Kevin. The Happy Camper: Menu Planning 101

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