Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ken Kamler: Medical Miracle on Everest

Rating: ***

The commentary given to us by Ken Kamler shows us just how powerful and mysterious the human brain truly is. 

This TED Talk throws us into the tale of Ken Kamler as he describes one of the worst disasters to ever occur upon Mount Everest, what challenges all of the climbers had to face while climbing this colossal mountain, and just dangerous it actually is. Many climbers were stranded at the summit and left to die, however not before one of them called his pregnant wife and spent his last moments naming their first child. Finally, Ken tells us about the climber Beck Weathers who had been pronounced dead. Weathers had – through sheer willpower – survived the harsh conditions of Everest for two days and one night before he finally stood up and somehow made his way back to the camp.
This TED Talk shows us various photographs of Mount Everest and the brain, whereas the latter photos show us brain activities while under normal amounts of stress and how much stress one such as Beck might be under while upon Everest. 

This commentary taught me quite a few things. For one it taught me that nature is unpredictable and incredibly dangerous, and that Mount Everest might not be worth climbing (at least in my mind). Overall, it made me think about just how much danger those who decide to climb Mount Everest put themselves in, and how nature is not to be taken lightly. 

Ken Kamler. Medical Miracle on Everest. March 2010

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