Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to Make and Repair Camping Equipment

Rating: ***

The article “How to Make and Repair Camping Equipment” teaches us an assortment of helpful tricks that one can use while camping. 

An example of one of the helpful pieces of advice written in this article is how to repair a damaged tent, and gives three examples as to how it may be damaged. It also gives a list of tools and materials you will need in order to repair your tent, and how much time it may take you to repair it. This format is repeated with two other tasks, such as: Making a tarp, and resoling hiking boots. At the bottom of the article it links you to other useful guides. Examples include but are not limited to how one might repair a bicycle and tips on how to maintain your pair of skis. 

By the end of reading the article, I was satisfied with what I had learned, but felt as though the solutions they represented to the situations they give rely much too heavily on other tools. I would have rather liked to see solutions that one can accomplish with less equipment and more on outdoor skills. Of course, this is just my opinion and you might find that this article peaks your interest. “How to Make and Repair Camping Equipment” June 5th 2011.

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