Monday, January 20, 2014

Menu Planning 101- Kevin Callan

Rating ***

This artical you can learn how to make a good meal plan for when you go on a day or overnight hiking trip.

Kevin spent time teaching his class on proper meal planning so they would have healthy and proper food to eat while on their hiking trip. on their previous trip his class brought canned foods and expensive packaged foods, they also did not bring enough food for their groups to eat for the whole trip. Kevin taught his class what foods were good and which were bad to bring, he had given them a $8 budget for each meal for a week long trip. Kevin also talked about how his class could also dehydrate their foods so it will last longer. In this artical he lists different types of basic food that you can bring on your own hiking trip like, Lentils, rice, pasta and, quinoa.

This artical has made me realize that there are more options on what you can pack and how much you can actually bring if you plan it right. It made me think that when i was planning my meals I didn't take all that was talked about into consideration or the amount I need to bring with me. I learned that planning is very important when planning your meal for a hiking trip. 

Menu Planning 101-Kevin Callan

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