Monday, January 20, 2014

Night Hiking to Watch Kilauea’s Lava Meet the Sea

The striking immage of lava entering an ocean struck me. Is it another another disaster? The answer is no. According to the article "Night Hiking to Watch Kilauuea's Lava meet the sea" it is one of the worlds most awe striking sight seen in nature. The author uses incredible descriptive devices like "putting on a hypnotic display for those who come to watch this timeless tango". The waves of cool ocean water meet with the boiling hot lava. As of course opposites attract. The end result of it is that it creates some of the most beautiful land on earth. I already wanted to visit Hawaii, but now my temptation has grown on me more, showing me that mother nature isn't always a terrible monster, but also a creator of life. All though to reach this a site this magnificent, you have to traverse several miles of sharp rocks and steep slopes that have caused multiple injuries, still showing that even though this site of awe is magnificent, mother nature still finds a way to cause problems. Night Hiking to Watch Kilauea’s Lava Meet the Sea. Eric Leifer. December 26 2013. Web. January 7 2014. National Geographic

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