Monday, January 20, 2014

Mission Antarctic: Snowboarde​rs Xavier De Le Rue, Lucas Debari Go Exploring

People pull all type of stunts around the world and this one of them. Going snowboarding in Antarctica. One of the coolest places on earth. Everyone talks about the Artic all the time but the beauty lies down south. Not just because there are penguins there but also the numerous other things to see like mountains. As Antarctica isn't just a bunch of ice, there is actual land underneath and is therefore considered a continent. Two snowboarders by the name of Xavier De Le Rue and Lucas Debari went on an extreme journey to experience some of Antarctica's greatest hills. They do flips and go over top water to add in a little more spice to the trip. It demonstrates that the long far distance to go somewhere is always worth the experience. Mission Antarctic: Snowboarders Xavier De Le Rue, Lucas Debari Go Exploring. James Mills December 12, 2013. Web. January 7 2014. National Geographic

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