Sunday, January 5, 2014

Out of the Void

Rating: ***
Colby Coombs is a national outdoors school instructor who decides to climb a 17,400 ft mountain in Alaska with 2 friends attempting to finish in 3 days. But as they got closer to their goal, a storm moved in causing an avalanche which wiped the trio out 800 feet down the side of Mount Foraker. Six hours later, Coombs wakes up dangling from a rope, suffering from two fractured vertebrae in his neck, a broken shoulder blade, and a fractured ankle. Coombs finds his friends dead hanging from ropes covered with snow. Through the next four days, Coombs shuts out all thoughts of his dead friends and focuses his way down the mountain. Not only did he succeed his way down the mountain, he also succeeds to pass through a glacier without falling into crevasse.
The article is a sincere and difficult story that got me thinking about all the pain and emotional breakdown from which Coombs experiences. If there is something I learned, it would be if I am in moments of hardship I have to forget all pains, because with the confidence of the mind, survival is possible.  The fact that Coombs left all painful and emotional events behind to accomplish one goal and eliminated all sources of distress to achieve success is the most inspiring moment of the story.

Daley,Jason.”Out of the Void.” I Will Survive,September 1, 2004.web. January 2, 2014

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