Thursday, January 9, 2014

Paddling Guidelines

Rating ***
The article Paddling Guidelines tells gives us tips and instructions on when and how you should go paddling in a group.
The article starts off by telling us that you need individual jobs when in a group of people.
It informs us about someone needing to be a leader to guide everyone and sweeper to help and encourage the slower people.
The article also talks about how important communication is and how we can go to communicating, It gives a few examples such as using special words like "attention", "gather together" or "emergency" to communicate with everyone.
The article also gives great tips on safety skills, basic guidelines, guide responses and weather. It gets into detail about these important sections and informs you on what should be done correctly for safety.
This article helps me because even though I don't go canoeing, if I ever do again in the future in this class or elsewhere, I'll have more knowledge about safety precautions when it comes to canoeing which is very important.
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