Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lightning Hazards & Safety

Rating- ****
The article Lighting Hazards& safety talks about lightning and the dangers of it. It is also about keeping safe from the lightning.
The article first starts off by talking about where lightning comes from, getting into weather science, it talks about the positive and negative charges in the clouds and how it causes lightning.
It then goes to telling you how to determine the distance between you and the lightning that may be occurring and it also informs us the warnings signs of lightning which would be very helpful.
It informs us after about the dangers of lightning, A direct strike, a side flash or ground currents. It tells us after how to minimize the risk from lightning, where to stay away from or what position to be in.
It also tells us where we should be during a storm which is short but useful because a lot of people may not know to crouch on their pack if they have one or some other stuff as well.
As the article nears it's end it tells us what to do during a severe thunder storm whether you're by yourself or in a group. It then informs us about injuries that can be caused by lightning strikes and treatments as well.

This article not only helps and informs me about lightning strikes but interests me as well. I find it very amusing the way lighting works, and this was enjoyable to read. The article has helped me learn about lighting and how to have risk management and crisis management if it's ever necessary.

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