Saturday, January 25, 2014

Place of wonder

Rating: **

We've all seen the beautiful sceneries of the Canadian Galapagos in pictures, maybe some of us had the incredible opportunity to go off the northwestern corner of British Columbia and experience these sights first hand. As incredible as these puffins and islands are in photos, or on a cruise, imagine the feeling when you kayak in the calm waters right next to the islands. That is something I want on my bucket list.

The Queen Charlotte Islands truly are a Canadian gem to show to the world. Home to weathered mortuary poles carves by Native Canadians so long ago, and the ever so rare and endangered Horned Puffins. What is on the Islands is only the start, the sea is filled with Whales, porpoises and seals; with the abundant amount of rain forest in the area, you get a well of animal life. The article suggests that we should explore these regions, taking the extra step, and doing so in a kayak.

The article talks about how these views and sights don't just have to be seen on the postcards, but can be seen and experienced in real life. How, possible it is to go through with a kayak on the calm waters, through the environment and seeing all of the Canadian pacific has to offer us.

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