Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ray Zahab: My trek to the South Pole

This ted talk is more of a compelling talk to inspire people of how almost nothing is impossible. Ray’s story is not a survival story; it’s all about motivation. Ray Zahab explains how he crosses the South Pole with two other buddies dragging a 170 pound sled filled with all necessary equipment and food in order to survive. It took him 40 days to cross the South Pole, dragging a sled that felt more like 17000 pounds in deadly weather conditions. It was -40 degrees Celsius not including the 20-40 km wind. Also they were subjected to the most ultra violet area, where they could catch a severe sun burn which eventually causes skin cancer. The whole reason of this cross was inspiration by a man who is trying solve important issues around the world. Ray switched his lifestyle of being a heavy smoker into a long distance runner and survivor. This is all about the motivation, inspiration, and mental will.

Ray Zahab’s talk is a great motivation to people that anyone could make the impossible possible. It made me think about the troubles Ray has been through in order to prove to the world that with inspiration comes power. I also learned that the mind is a powerful weapon when it is used positively and willingly. This talk makes me realize that when I think negatively, the only thing I’m affecting is myself and the chances of being positive.

Ray Zahab: My trek to the South Pole.TED. June 2009.Web. January 24 2014

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