Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Predict the Weather

Predict the Weather – David Webb

Rating: ****

“Predict the Weather” is a helpful article with tips for predicting the weather to prepare for outdoor activities, when you do not have access to the Weather Network..

This article is full of several great tips for predicting the weather when you are in need. Some of these tips include watching the smoke from your campfire. If the smoke hovers over the ground, it is an indication that it is a low-pressure system, which indicates that rain is on the way. Clouds are also a great indicator of future weather. If the layers of clouds move in different directions, if there are puffy towers of clouds or if they the clouds are gray indicate that bad weather is ahead. The article includes a few other hints to the weather including a bird’s fly pattern and the colour of the sky.

I found this article to be very helpful to me, as I am not very good at predicting the weather. On our test in Outdoor Ed, the weather section was my worst and therefore this article was very useful to me. Since reading it, I find that I understand weather indicators better and it has improved my understanding of the outdoors.

Webb, David. "Outdoors Skills: Predict the Weather." Explore Magazine. Web. 05 Dec.    2013. <http://explore-mag.com/9499/skills/outdoors-skills-predict-the-weather>

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