Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Song Of The Paddle

OE Article #2

The Song Of The Paddle - Bill Mason

The Song Of The Paddle by Bill Mason is a book that talks about how to canoe, as well WHY we canoe. I will be talking about an entry in which he writes about travelling solo, and risks and precautions to be aware of, as well as the rewarding experience that comes with it.

In the entry Bill writes about his own experiences tripping solo; good and bad. He explains that even seemingly mundane tasks need to be evaluated for risk before doing them. He also goes into all of the thorough planning that will need to be done to ensure safety. With the bad he also speaks about the unique experience one has when they feel “completely alone, yet not the least bit lonely”.

This makes me think about going on a solo canoe trip. It is something I would like to experience, and this helps me to understand some of the things that I would need to consider before attempting a solo trip. The entire book is quite good, but I chose this entry because the idea of being completely and truly alone interests me.

Mason. Bill. “Travelling Solo.” The Song Of The Paddle. Toronto, Canada. 1988. Print.

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