Sunday, January 26, 2014


Camping trip tragedy - Andy Rudd

Rating: ****

This is an article with a very sad story, with lessons to be learned from the tragedy.

Chris and Jane Bainbridge were on a camping trip in Ullswater for the weekend. The husband first died, leaving the life for a struggle for her life. A known fact is that the couple just had a BBQ meal which they had prepared themselves, so police suspect the incident was caused by carbon monoxide fumes, which suffocated the husband.

A lot is to be taken in from this sad story. The wife was surely left traumatized, and may never want to have another BBQ, let alone go on another camping trip. The next time I go on a camping trip, i will be sure to monitor the BBQ to make sure no excess smoke is burning up or make a weird smell. From this, I have learned that you can never be to careful.

Rudd, Andy. Camping trip tragedy: Husband dies and wife left fighting for life after being overcome 'by barbecue fumes' in Lake District. March 14th, 2012.

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  1. Carbon Monoxide has no smell and as opposed to other gases and smoke, it is heavier then air and sinks. Causing concentrations right where you are sleeping.