Thursday, January 9, 2014

Article By : Bryen Dunn
Have you ever heard of Skijoring? If not, you better check this out!

This article talks about a new activity that is rising in popularity, Skiijoring. It is an eassy activity that requires almost no equipment, all you need is a dog, harness, and skis. You just strap in put the harnass around you and take off! It is said to be a very physically demanding activty, although the dog will pull you you also need to ski as you are calling out directions, that your dog should know. The sport is the perfect blend between skiing and dog sledding.

I enjoyed reading this article because it made me aware and interested in this new activity. The author did a great job of explaining this activity with a lot of enthusiasm making it look much more fun. I think it is a great idea asweel due to the fact that it is a great workout not only for you but your dog. I would recomend this to anybody that is interested in winter sports/activities

Dunn, Bryen. “Skijoring At Escapade Eskimo.” Great Winter Trips. Winter 2013, Page 10. Print.

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